Kevin MacDonald is a principal in this Vancouver based practice.
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Perspective on Coaching
The Club Manager who Never Owned a Ferrari
High Tech - High Touch
A Tool for the Club Manager's Toolbox
The Coach's Challenge
If You Don't Own What You Believe, Then Your Belief Will Own You!
I'm a coach who used to be a club manager!  The more I work with club managers, the more I see how coaching can be a process that enhances the success, raises the professionalism and builds the confidence of club management professionals.  In this article I want to give you some insight into the ways coaching has worked for the people I work with. ...
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Club Beyond Limits
Don't Take This Personally
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Write it Down
Make it Happen
You've Lost Your Job
Miracle of the Mastermind
Shifting Gears
The Star Within You
A New Club in Your Bag
Coaching for the ECS Chairman
Power of Accountability
Have You Heard
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Someone You Care About Has Just Lost Their Job
What Difference Do You Make
Own Your Beliefs or They Own You
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8..Personal Foundation: Seeing the Positive Side
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Where Are You?
Striving for Extraordinary
A Huge Price to Pay
What I Would Like to Say
The Importance of Today
Who Cares?
Waking Up in Time for a Course Correction.
We Have Got a Lot to Learn About Learning From Students.
Fear, Shame, Guilt, Worry & Other Stupid Stuff
Leader, Don't Forget to Lead
Amateur vs. Professional
Failure is Not an Option
A Giant Balancing Act or a Small but Powerful Decision?
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