The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a book about a high powered lawyer named Julian Mantle who lived his life to the brink of his demise, before finding out that everything he was doing was an effort to achieve what other people had convinced him was important.  He sets off on a search of what is important to him and strategies that will enable him to live the life he desires.  You don't have to be a high powered lawyer or even know someone who has a Ferrari to understand how profound Julian's discovery was.

There are few professions where falling into the "doing what others think is important" trap is more pervasive than in Club Management.  Perhaps it is because there are few professions where the person you serve has proprietary rights and whose perception of how your are performing is often more important than how you are actually performing.  If you are not aware of and serving your purpose it is quite easy to fall into the trap, yet for someone who knows what is important to them and has a job that allows them to fulfil that purpose, it is an amazingly rewarding career.

                 "Link paycheck to purpose"       Robin S. Sharma

Purpose is the greatest motivator in the world.  One of the deepest human hungers is the need to contribute and make a difference.  Show your people how the work they are doing touches and improves lives.

I was asked to write an article about Robin's session from the perspective of a coach with a club management background.  After watching his well written, passionately delivered, relevant and inspirational presentation I realized that in many ways he is the monk who sold his Ferrari.  He not only "talks the talk" he also "walks the walk".  From a coach's perspective I understand why Linking Paycheck to Purpose is the first Ritual of a Visionary Leader.  Defining what is important is where I start every coaching relationship.  As a Club Manager I found it easy to do for the organization and perhaps less obvious to do for me.

I had an opportunity to talk to Robin S. Sharma about his career.  He smiled and said "I have people that come up to me and say Robin, you have two law degrees, you've written books and you speak professionally.  What are you going to do next? 

Why would I do anything else?  This is what I was meant to do."

What a powerful place to be!

Do you know your purpose?  Do you know what is important to you?  What difference will you make? 
Have you ever observed someone performing a job that they are clearly not happy doing?

Do you have any in your organization?  It is hard to understand why they chose what they do and why they choose to stay.  It can't be good for them or the organization they work for.  Recently a client told me that her Father worked in a job doing manual labour for over 40 years and hated every minute of it.  He had a gift and a passion for administration which he was able to satisfy with volunteer positions, but never had a chance to utilize in a professional sense.  I felt sad to hear that.  He was most likely controlled by thoughts like any job is a good job, security is everything or I just need another 25 years and I'll get my pension.  Thoughts that experiencing a depression taught a generation.

In today's economy we need to be excellent.  Just doing the job is not accepted as it once was and the leader has to be able to instill the Passion for what the organization does to everyone in the organization.  The leader has to feel the passion.

                    Leader Lead Thyself                 Robin S. Sharma

Success on the outside begins within.  You cannot do great things if you do not think great thoughts and you cannot manage a team unless your first learn how to manage yourself.

When you are working towards your purpose it is time to help others to do the same.

          Great Leaders Must Be Great Coaches       Robin S. Sharma

What would your club be like it all of your people were doing what they were meant to do?  What would it be like if they all knew what difference they were making?

What a powerful place to work!

I encourage you to learn the lessons that Julian Mantle learned.  Do it for you, your family, your people and your organization.

Kevin MacDonald is a principal of Clarity Success Coaching, a practice based in the Vancouver area.  He does one to one coaching as well as programs with Management Teams and Employee Groups.  He has served as a Club Manager at Quilchena Golf and Country Club and Northview Golf and Country Club, both in the Vancouver area.

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The Monk in Club Management who Never Had a Ferrari

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