Have you heard about Coaching?

by Kevin MacDonald
At the beginning of May, I had the opportunity to attend the meeting of the Executive Career Services committee in Alexandria and was so impressed with the professionalism of the committee, the leadership of committee chair Nick Smith, CCM, and the extensive preparations that Christian Thom put into the meeting.  Nick gave me the opportunity to make a presentation to the committee outlining the goals of the CMAA Coaching initiative that started last September.  I also reported on how Coaching is being used and the positive feedback that we have been receiving. 

Although a significant number of CMAA members have taken advantage of the Coaching Services in one way or another the reality is that the program usage is still at a very small percentage of the total of CMAA members and we would like to continually build up the awareness and the usage of this program.

The committee and I discussed how we can make more people aware of the services we are offering. We talked about what the members think Coaching is.  The fact that there were varying degrees of awareness about the program amongst the committee members made us realize that we continually need to send the message out about this valuable program. 

Here’s the message
Each member of CMAA is able to call upon Coaching services to support them in their career and personal development.  Members can experience what it is like to have someone in their corner whose sole purpose for the duration of the coaching session is to support their goals.

Each member can have the opportunity to work with someone who can challenge their thinking, bring out and enhance their gifts, as well as identify and diminish some of the things that may be getting in the way of achieving their objectives.  A coaching session is a place where members can discuss anything in confidence.

We also recognize that there are some misconceptions about the program. 

Misconception Number One: Coaching is only for the Unemployed
One of the misconceptions that people may have is that Coaching is only for those who are looking for a job.  Although Coaching can be invaluable for someone who is going through a transition, it is equally as valuable for someone in a very stable place in their career.  Coaching is really about raising the bar on a personal level for the client who works with a coach. 

Misconception Number Two: Coaching is the same as Headhunting
I sometimes receive questions from CMAA members asking me how they can make their resume look better.  This type of service is not my area of expertise.  What I do is help members make sure they have a very clear understanding of what they want, who they are, how they operate and how to get what they need.  It is not as simple as just telling someone what to do; Coaching is a process whereby I help members get a better understanding of how they can set themselves up for success.

Some Benefits of Coaching
Those who participate in a Coaching relationship experience:
·more effectiveness as a Manager
·more confidence
·the realization that balance is a priority
·more focus and discipline
·clarity about who they are, their strengths, weaknesses, passions and needs. 
·a clearer definition of the person they want to be. 
·accountability which means they achieve more than ever have before
·the receipt of accolades from their Board, Members and Staff

Getting the Message Out
I remember when I was a club manager and we would use a number of methods to get a message out to our members.  Inevitably a member would come up to me and say, “Why didn’t you tell us about this?”  The reality is that members tend to hear what is important to them at the moment.  Many of the people who need to hear that coaching is available through the CMAA are getting the message, some are not.

Calling on Chapter Leaders!
I have a request for chapter leaders.  I would appreciate it if you would book a coaching session with me to experience what coaching is and how it works.  After you do, I hope that you will feel comfortable recommending a session to members of your chapter who could benefit from it.

Kevin MacDonald
Clarity Success Coaching
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