In last month’s newsletter I shared some thoughts about balance that were brought forward for me during my trip to Thailand in February.  The trip was richly rewarding and continues to inspire me and once again in this month’s newsletter I am going to share with you some of my experiences in that beautiful country.


In Thailand the word for thank you is “cob koon krup”.   For a women it’s “cob koon ka” and sometimes simply “ka”, as in “thanks”.  For me this term brings up the very important topic of gratitude.  I am so grateful for so many elements of my recent trip to Thailand and also recognize that we as a society have so much to be grateful for.  When we forget about gratitude and the gifts we are given, we come to focus on what’s not right or not good.  Focusing on what we have and what is good and what our blessings are can really change the energy with which we approach life.  And when we see the very real challenges that others face it can give us a tremendous new perspective.


As anyone who has been to Thailand can tell you, a big part of the Thai experience is massage.  It really takes care of your body and helps you understand self-care and relaxation.  In my last two trips to Thailand our group has had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with some fabulous women who deliver Thai massages at the resort.  This year we had a very special event; my friend Jon invited the ladies out for dinner. 


We had the amusing and delightful experience of being picked up on scooters and piggybacked through the streets of the village to the restaurant of their choice.  Some of their children were with us and it became a big family dinner full of laughter, love and respect.  It was such a treat to be able to honour these women who had brought so much enjoyment, fun and laughter to our group.  It was a fascinating experience as we got to hear more about their lives.  We weren’t aware prior to the dinner that they were all single mothers who worked together in business and lived together to support each other’s lives.  Because we got to meet some of their children we were able to see that they are so much like mothers and fathers in our country.  Like us, they are trying to lead their children, to teach and to provide for their families. 


At the end of our evening the word gratitude was illustrated brilliantly by the smiles on their faces and the words cob koon ka.  It was simply a dinner out.  In Canadian dollars it probably cost $60 for all 12 of us.   But it was worth a million dollars.  I don’t know if I will go to Thailand again but I know for sure that this evening is something I will never forget.  


What are you thankful for?  What small event has made a huge difference to you?  What great wealth do you already possess?  Who are you grateful for having in your life?   How can you show your gratitude today?  What difference will it make when you do?


Inspirational Quote

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. - Cicero


Recommended Reading

Creating Affluence: The A to Z steps to a richer life by Deepak Chopra.  A fantastic book about effortlessly creating affluence in your life.  Go to "G" and see what the author has to say about Gratitude!


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