It is Possible

What is possible?What is possible is so far beyond what we dream when we allow our limits to shade the colour of our dreams.If we come from a place where we are focusing on what's possible for us today, what our gifts, skills, and beliefs are and we don't think beyond that we are limiting our selves.Einstein said that to solve any significant problem we need to use a different level of thinking than we used to create it.


When I was starting my career as a coach, I sat down and started writing about the things that I wanted to have, do or be in my life.The process started out as difficult because I was constricted by my present circumstances.But after a few minutes, of just letting go of what was at that moment I started to dream and think about what I wanted in my life.†† It was a liberating experience.I wrote madly for 10 or 15 minutes.I came up with 50 items.It's interesting to me that now almost three years later how many of those itemshave come to fruition.††† It's also interesting how this process has become part of my life.Each year I sit down on January first and start adding to the list.This past new years day I was shocked (!) to see the list that I had written two years previous but hadn't referred to in a while.


One of the items on the list described making the world a classroom for my children.And I specifically wrote out things that I'd like to do with each of my three kids.My trip to Texas with Danny and all of the amazing experiences we had there was the beginning of the magic that I had visualized three years ago.But as my daughter and I are getting ready to embark on our trip to Asia to visit Thailand for two weeks, a trip that some of you are taking with us, it amazes me how something that seemed like a far off dream two years ago is now reality.And the exciting thing for me is that this is just one of the many life experiences that I chose to see as possible.


What is possible for you?What will you teach your children?What will you design for your life?What will you design for the people in your organization and how will you help them think bigger than they have before?



Inspirational Quote of the Month

"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible." - C. Malesherbes



Recommended Reading

The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO

By Robin Sharma


I am really excited about this new book by Robin Sharma.It is one of the books that Iíve read recently where I started highlighting the passages I found to be particularly important and the pages now have more highlighting than not.There are so many great pearls of wisdom and great quotes in this book.Robin is telling a simple story about someone who is going to discover how to design the life he wants.Itís a book that I will refer to over and over again, most especially when I am working with my clients; it is a real gift and tool for my coaching practice.Iíve read all of Robinís books and this is without a doubt my favorite.He has a simple way of delivering the message we need to hear when we need to hear it.I consider him to be a brilliant author and a friend.I highly recommend this book.


Available now in bookstores throughout Canada and the United States.


Dream, Believe, Create

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