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September 2006

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Are You Happy!

We coach a lot of people who may be focused on very specific goals that they are trying to achieve. Many of them believe that when they achieve the goal they will be happy. When I pay off the mortgage, when the kids have graduated, when I get a new boss, when I lose 25 pounds, then I will be happy! The danger with this approach is that people can get into the habit postponing happiness until everything on their list is checked off. Due to their incredible ability to add things to the list it is ultimately impossible. Think about the day after you die: There will still be a to-do list on your desk.

We lead a game called the Happy Healthy Wealthy Game. It makes a difference in peoples lives. We could have called it the Unhappy, Sick and Broke Game but a lot of people have those things covered so we took a different approach. I sometimes wonder if people dont give it the consideration that it deserves because it has Happy in the title. Is it ok to be happy? I can tell you that some people have trouble telling me in a coaching session what makes them happy. Some people didnt grow up with people who modeled happiness. Some people are disgusted by people who are happy.

Here is the deal! Happiness is a choice! You can choose to be happy or unhappy. You can even think you have no choice but that in itself is a choice. What will you choose? Your choice will on many days be affected by the things you focus on. If you get up in the morning thinking about the stress, the pressure, the problems and the things that are not going your way, you choice might be unhappiness. If you focus on gratitude for what you have and the things that make you happy that you have planned for your day you might be happy.

We have found in the game that when someone changes their level of happiness it often dramatically changes their success in the area of Health and Wealth. An increased level of happiness can have a positive impact on your immune system, it can increase your energy and creativity.

I hope you will decide to be happy. If this has been a challenge for you or you would like to work on taking your happiness to a new level please contact us to arrange a complimentary coaching session or consider playing the Happy Healthy Wealthy Game.

Please join us!

We have a new game starting October 12th. To registar for a free info call please CLICK HERE

Inspirational Quote

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."

Burton Hills

Recommended Reading

"Count Your Blessings"

Dr. John F. DeMartini

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