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May 2006

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What are you Attracting?

In a conversation with a client recently, I said, It is interesting to see what you are attracting. I asked, Are you aware of the Law of Attraction? The client was not, yet the actions and results we were observing indicated a possible awareness. The Law states that we attract to us that which we focus on.

Most people prove this Law on a daily basis, they just may not realize it. People who achieve much in any area of endeavor understand how to get clear about what they want to manifest, and they start to move toward it. Or perhaps it moves toward them.

To me, it makes sense that you get what you focus on. The question is, What are you focused on?. In the Happy Healthy Wealthy game we have noticed that people often focus on the negative of what they dont want. In golf, they may focus on not hitting it in the water. Dont hit it in the water! Dont hit it in the water! Guess where the ball goes? Some are trying to get out of debt, some are trying to lose weight. They are focused on debt and weight. Does it make sense that they struggle when their goals are the opposite of what they focus on? We suggest they focus on hitting the green or that they focus on building wealth, or that they focus on having a fit, healthy body.

What are you focusing on? What are you attracting?
Are you focusing on scarcity or abundance?
Are you focusing on the shortcomings of a spouse, a teenager, a coworker? Or are you focusing on their gifts and positive attributes?
Are you focusing on lifes challenges and problems or are you focused on great experiences and opportunities?
Are you focusing on illness or health?
Be honest with yourself!
What are you attracting? I hope you decide to attract what you want!

Inspirational Quote

The words 'I am...' are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.
A.L. Kitselman

Recommended Viewing

This month I recommend the movie The Secret.

Check out this great movie!

The Secret

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Happy Healthy We*althy

Have you ever gone to a seminar, got all pumped up, left with big plans to change your life only to find yourself slipping right back into old habits?

You are not alone. According to surveys, only 10% of personal development books ever get read past the second chapter and even less ever get implemented. "Why?" you ask. It is one thing to "Know what to do"... and something entirely different to get yourself to "Do what you know".

The Happy Healthy
We*althy Game does just that. Combining the best of both seminars and coaching, the structure is that of an actual game with rules, prizes, players, teammates, coaches, and competition. It takes nine weeks to play the game and we play it virtually, over the telephone on a bridge line. The
Happy Healthy We*althy Game is an experience that will help you set your own goals, measure your achievements before and after the 90-day game, and provide you with tools to produce sustainable results.

Learn more and change your life!

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