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January 2004 
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Dear Kevin,

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2004 edition of the Clarity Success Coaching Newsletter! For this month's newsletter we are going to focus on the final individual aspects of the STAR Within You that we touched on in the last few months. This month we are looking at the letter "R" for Relentless about Reaching Results.

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  • STARs are Relentless about Reaching Results
    In September's newsletter, we talked about the attributes of a STAR. We define a STAR as someone who shines brilliantly in their field of endeavour. They are people who perform a skill or exhibit a characteristic that we can look at and appreciate that it is being done at a high level.

    We use the "R" in STAR to represent Relentless about Reaching Results which means that STARs:
    -expect to succeed
    -are resilient. They have the courage to act in adversity
    -learn from what doesn't work
    -employ resources to get to their goals
    -are able to celebrate success.

    One of the things that impresses me most about the stars that I have observed is their ability to get up after being knocked down. It also often seems that those who have achieved the most in life have had some of the greatest obstacles to overcome. And it seems that when most people would be devastated or paralyzed by a set-back the stars see it as a lesson that will prepare them for a bigger challenge.

    Stars that I have observed also don't seem to put much time or energy into fear and doubt. They tend to embody the expression, "Failure is not an option". One of the important concepts that we can learn from stars is that we control the key to finding our way over, under or through the obstacles in our lives. No one else controls the solutions in our lives. We can learn to see failures as opportunities to change our strategy and to learn from what hasn't worked. Comedy writer John Vorhaus talks about the "Rule of Nine" in his work. He says that for every good joke that elicits a laugh from the audience there are nine more jokes written that fall as flat as a pancake.

    And think about this; it is sometimes said that the difference between those who are successful in life and those who are not is that the successful people fail more often than their less successful counterparts. Fail more often! In other words they fail and keep going and fail again and keep going. They are relentless about picking themselves up and carrying on.

    Use the following questions and reflections to observe how relentless you are about reaching results:

    Winners seldom see failure as a possibility. Where would you employ that kind of thinking today?

    How do you react when you encounter adversity?

    List two times when going through adversity led to much bigger results.

    Think of three times in the past when failure was a teacher for you.

    What help do you need to reach your desired results?

    What other skills or people can you employ to reach those results?

    How do you celebrate success?
    When you accept a prize, do you recognize the people who supported you?

    List 10 things you are grateful for.

    Inspirational Quote
    Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.
    Sir Winston Churchill

    Recommended Reading
    "Broken Music: A Memoir" by Sting
    Most of you may know of Sting, the musician from the English band The Police and also from his solo career. What you may not know is the resilience it took for this young lad with a goal of making a full time living from music to get to where he is now.

    The two most compelling ideas that I came away from the book with are these:
    1. The tough times are the ones that shape us to be all that we can be.
    2. When we have a very clear goal in mind about what we wish to do with our lives, and we pursue it without ever giving up and with an enormous amount of resilience, there is no way we will not reach that goal.

    I recommend this book as one that will reveal the struggles and resilience of a man who never gave up on the goals he had in mind.

    For other book reviews please visit the Clarity Success Coaching web site and our 'library'.

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    Final Thoughts
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