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May 2005


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  • Reaching Out

    This month I am inspired to write about reaching out. It has been a bit of a theme in my life during the last month and maybe it is a message that you need to hear at this time. During the past month the power of reaching out to support others and reaching out for support has been very evident to me.

    It started when an amazing young woman named Emily Payne asked a number of people including me to support her in her effort to raise enough money to fund a trip to India where she could give time during her summer vacation to go to Calcutta and work with some of the most needy children in the world. I was inspired by Emily who, at 17 years of age, epitomizes what can happen when the compassion to reach out to help is combined with the courage of asking for help.

    Emily asked me for a donation of money. I was pleased to support her with one.

    There are so many ways to help others and giving money is one of them but I wondered what other ways I could support this teenaged girl from a small community who has a more global vision than most people, let alone most high school aged people. I decided to donate my time as a speaker. I volunteered to do my "Star Within You" presentation in a public forum and the price of admission was a donation to Emily's cause. I asked for the support of the people who receive this newsletter. I received help from one of the Private Clubs that I do work with. Beach Grove Golf and Country Club donated their ball room and the refreshments for the people who attended. Many of the people who received the information about the evening came and in a small way reached out to some children in a land far away that they most likely will never meet. Some who could not attend sent Emily some money. The ones who attended were treated to the opportunity to hear the passion of this young woman who will make a difference in this world. I am sure that everyone in attendance left asking themselves the question "What difference will I make?"

    I reached out for support so we as a community could support others. Thank you so much to all of you that answered the call.

    I am writing this on a ferry trip from Vancouver Island to Vancouver on an idyllic day. I am very grateful for the day, the natural beauty we are sailing through and the experience that Rose and I are coming from.

    We have just participated in a modern day barn raising. Friends of ours had the courage to ask three other couples to help them undertake a major painting project in their home. We had so much fun working hard together, feasting on great food and enjoying each others company. It was so gratifying to look at the difference we made in our friends home but imagine what it is like have friends that you know will support you when you need it.

    My challenge to you as your Coach is spend some time thinking about some answers to these questions.
    1. What gifts or talents do I possess that I can share with those who need them?
    2. How often do I make the time to support other people?
    3. What support do I need to achieve my goals?
    4. How do I feel about helping others?
    5. How do I feel about asking for help?
    6. What difference can I make?

    Have a great month!

    Inspirational Quote

    Good works are links that form a chain of love
    Mother Theresa

    Recommended Reading

    4 Ounces to Heaven: A Search for the Energy of Life

    By Thomas Stirr

    On a recent journey to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for some speaking engagements I had the chance to meet the author of this self published book that might be hard to find but is definitely worth reading.

    The content of the book ties in with my thoughts in the body of the newsletter.

    It is a book about the chance meetings of an unlikely group of collaborators who come together to give hope to a group of people who are feeling hopeless and worthless. They reach out to make a difference to this group and the world.

    Ultimately by doing so they make a profound difference in their own lives.

    If you are interested in getting a copy of the book or learning more about it you can click on the link below or email Thomas at [email protected]

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