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December 2004


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  • For happy holidays ... read this

    Whenever we set out to write one of these newsletters we take the task of giving you something valuable very seriously. In the three or four minutes it takes you to read this message there needs to be something that speaks to you right now and give s you some ideas or solutions that are going to support you in the month to come. If not, what 's the point of reading it?

    With that in mind, the message that I'd like to share with you is a very simple one. Perhaps you've heard me speak of it before but it is simply this. We are managers of energy. We create e it, we store it and we expend it. It seems that there are few times in the year where our energies are called upon as frequently as the holiday season. It may be a busy time at work. It is definitely a busy time with family. And perhaps for many families the holidays get more elaborate e and complex each year. It seems as though we just have to buy into the frantic pace because that's just the way it is. Women seem to be affected by it more than men, but men often need to address it as well.

    My suggestion to you is this: we get to choose. For many who have to work so hard to create this special time to the point where they drain their energy or are vulnerable to illness or have little patience when the family is all around a view that might help is that when it comes down to it our families really deserve the best of us as opposed to the best image we present. Hopefully for you the holidays will be a time of peace, calmness and quiet; a time to reacquaint ourselves wit h those we love and even take time to reacquaint yourself with you. My challenge as your coach is for you to take time having fun, relaxing, and re-creating. In other words, recharge your batteries. Do things that give you energy like sleeping, eating healthfully, reading things that inspire you and spending time with people who give you energy rather than take it constantly. And I also challenge you, before you get back into the mad rush and old habit s of the New Year, to take some time to dream and plan what's possible for this next year and the rest of your life.

    This dreaming and planning stage can save you a lot of energy in the New Year if you end up with goals and plans to focus your energy on. In all my years in the hospitality industry, in restaurants, hotels and clubs, December was always so busy and draining. It ended with the busiest night of the year, New Year's Eve. The longest one I remember was a day that started at 10:00 AM on New Year's Eve and ended at 6:00 PM on New Year's Day. In 20 years of working New Year's Eve I vowed that if I ever had a New Year's Eve off the last thing I would do is go to a New Year's Eve party. This year will be the fifth year of a new tradition. Rose and I say goodbye to our young adult children as they go off to their parties, we have a special dinner, watch a movie and are typically in bed by well before midnight. On January first, with clear heads and lots of energy we set goals for the year and for our lives.

    In the past I have challenged some of my clients with a tool during the holiday season to help them prepare for the next year. This year I would like to offer each of you this gift as well. It's a tool that will help you plan 2005 and beyond. Click here to be taken to a page of our website where you can open and download your copy of this year end assessment called New Year's Resolutions.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and wealthy 2005.

    Inspirational Quote

    Christmas is the family time, the good time of the year.

    Samuel Johnson

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