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Summer 2004


Welcome to the summer edition of the Clarity Success Coaching Newsletter. We hope that you all have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend!

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  • Getting Back on Track in a New Way!

    What a great summer. Ever since I was a kid summer has been my favorite time of year. It's warmer, it's slower, and it's a great time to play golf! The summer has been really interesting; I have been busier than I remember being in my previous years as a coach and the busyness has been fun and in many ways about growth. I did some traveling through this beautiful part of the world where I live. I've spent time in the Okanagan valley, in hot sunny weather, on golf courses near the lake and on Vancouver Island, which is another amazing paradise. I spent time in San Diego, San Francisco, Calgary, the Rocky Mountains and Whidbey Island in Washington State. The interesting thing is that when I haven't been traveling I've been home and able to take a little bit of time to realize how beautiful it is right at my doorstep. I've spent time by the ocean, on the ocean, on the sides of mountains and in my backyard. I watched my youngest child finish his days in high school. And I have spent time in amazement watching the things my three industrious children are doing while they make their mark in the beginning of their adult life. On a personal level, I finished my coaching courses and experienced the landmark of a graduation. I recently did a final edit on a book that I have collaborated on with my mastermind team that has the working title of "The Magic of the Mastermind". It has been a summer of travel, work, play, family, friends and so many wonderful memories.

    Like many of my clients I am approaching the end of the summer with the desire to set my new goals and get back on track, or maybe stay on track.

    During my trip to San Diego I experienced two exciting things that have affected my coaching practice. One was going to a movie. The movie was called "What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?" It was a fascinating movie that gave me more clarity about the power that our intentions or beliefs have on our personal world. I would encourage you to go and see it.

    The other thing I was doing in San Diego was licensing a game that I can use in my coaching practice to coach approximately 20 people at once. The game is called The Happy Healthy Wealthy Game. I played it last year with one of my colleagues acting as my partner in the game. We were both very excited about the results we accomplished as a result of the game and the power of learning great lessons while playing.

    In the game we challenge each player to set three goals; a Happy Goal, a Healthy Goal and a Wealthy Goal. The game lasts for 90 days and the participants soon draw parallels between the game and their life. They learn how to get past some of the things that have gotten in there way in the past and they learn the power of accountability as they work with their buddy or teammate. If you are interested in significantly raising your levels of happiness, health or wealth, please join us in one of our games that will be starting in the near future.

    If you're interested in getting back on track in a new way click on the link below to visit the Clarity Happy Healthy Wealthy web site and sign up for a one-hour introductory call to the Happy Healthy Wealthy Game. On September 14 at 5pm PT Kevin will host the call and will be able to introduce the game to you in more detail and answer any questions that you have. (To register for the intro call, click on the date of Sept 14 on the calendar you will see.)

    Inspirational Quote

    You only fail if you don't finish the game. If you finish, you win. You have to measure what you started out with by what you overcome.

    Mike Webster
    NFL Hall of Fame Center for the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Recommended Viewing

    As I mentioned, I highly recommend seeing the movie "What the #$*! do We (K)now?" Click on the link below to visit the movie web site, view the trailer and to find out when it will be playing in your area!

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