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January 2006


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  • Possibilities!

    When you look around, that is if you look around, you may notice many people who live in possibility. They may be the ones who are building, achieving, enjoying and dreaming. Have you met them? Maybe you have seen them in one of their many relationships, or perhaps doing something extraordinary, ignited and energized, or perhaps they are busy creating a possibility for others who just don't know how to get there.

    You may also encounter those who just don't see it. They simply have learned how to focus on obstacles. They focus on scarcities. They may be focused on scarcities of time, money, power, love, resources and inner strength. If we focus on any one of these things then our possibilities can be limited.

    I am truly blessed that I live a life that is full of people who focus on possibility. It can't help but encourage me to live my life that way. Last weekend I had the opportunity to support a client and friend by flying into a city where he was being honoured at a dinner. It was interesting to me that I remember vividly when he expressed the possibility of doing the very things that he was now being honoured for.

    It starts with a spark or an idea and when that idea is connected with passion and determination a possibility can become a reality.

    If you read my newsletter in December, you will remember that I challenged you to look back at last year and decide how you would like to approach this year. I gave you a series of questions to guide you through the process. I received emails from a number of you that were very excited about exploring your possibilities. Perhaps you didn't read the piece entitled “Looking Back and Looking Forward”. Perhaps you did and thoughts about answering the questions when you had time. Maybe the time never came. Perhaps you decided that there is no point in dreaming about the possibilities because it is always attached to disappointment. Perhaps you read it, answered the questions and are starting to move toward the possibilities.

    Here are some tips for creating possibilities:
    1. Have fun dreaming!
    2. Fear is the enemy.
    3. Get your mind working with you, not against you.
    4. Make sure you put people of possibility in your life.
    5. Read about people who inspire you.
    6. Get rid of all the unimportant things that keep you from doing what counts.
    7. Decide to see possibility. Are you seeing scarcity or abundance?

    At Clarity Success Coaching we have set up many ways that you can be supported in reaching your possibilities:
    - The Clarity Newsletter
    - One-on-one coaching over the telephone
    - One-on-one coaching at CMAA conferences
    - Group coaching at the CMAA conference (new)
    - Monthly free teleclasses (new)
    - Speaking at Clubs, Chapters and conferences
    - Books (The Magic of Mastermind )
    - The Happy Healthy Wealthy Game

    We encourage you to find one or more that support you in reaching the possibilities you dream of.

    Inspirational Quote

    A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of Africa to study the prospects for expanding business.

    One sends back a telegram saying, "Situation hopeless. Stop. No one wears shoes."

    The other writes back triumphantly, "Glorious business opportunity. Stop. They have no shoes."

    Recommended Reading

    This month I have two books to recommend.

    The Art of Possibility:
    Transforming Professional & Personal Life

    by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

    Creating the Life You Truly Desire:
    A New Appraoch to Goal Setting

    by Teresia LaRocque

    About Clarity Success Coaching

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    Happy Healthy We*althy

    Our next introductory call to the Happy Healthy Wealthy game is on March 6 at 5pm Pacific. Click here to register for this complimentary call that will introduce you to a virtual game that will change your life!

    Have you ever gone to a seminar, got all pumped up, left with big plans to change your life only to find yourself slipping right back into old habits?

    You are not alone. According to surveys, only 10% of personal development books ever get read past the second chapter and even less ever get implemented. "Why?" you ask. It is one thing to "Know what to do"... and something entirely different to get yourself to "Do what you know".

    The Happy Healthy
    We*althy Game does just that. Combining the best of both seminars and coaching, the structure is that of an actual game with rules, prizes, players, teammates, coaches, and competition. It takes nine weeks to play the game and we play it virtually, over the telephone on a bridge line. The Happy Healthy We*althy Game is an experience that will help you set your own goals, measure your achievements before and after the 90-day game, and provide you with tools to produce sustainable results.

    Learn more and change your life!
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