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December 2005


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  • Looking Back and Looking Forward

    I have been looking back on 2005 and it has been an extraordinary year for me on so many levels. It started out with my Mom having a heart attack two hours into the year. She was in pretty bad shape and has recovered well and now in December she is thriving and not far away from her 89th birthday. I have spent more days with her this year than the previous five years combined. I have spent more time with my siblings than ever before. I have a different body than I had a year ago. It is smaller and healthier. This year my marriage to Rose has felt like we are on our honeymoon. I didn't know that would be the case 25 years ago but I feel so blessed in that area. I spent a lot of time with my dearest friends this year. I visited some amazing and beautiful places on earth. My business opportunities and personal life opportunities continue to inspire me. I continually get to see my children hitting landmarks of young adulthood. The people I meet and work with whether they are my clients, people I meet at speaking engagements, or the people that play our Happy Healthy Wealthy Game amaze me with their achievements, their thinking and the growth they experience. We have run four Happy Healthy Wealthy Games in 2005 and I am blown away how it has changed my life and lives of so many that have played the game. Thank you to all of you that have played a part in making my year an outstanding one. I am so excited to see what 2006 holds for all of us.

    Here is my challenge for you! Look back, take stock, gain awareness and celebrate! Here are some questions that might help you as you review 2005.

    Looking Back

    What are the top three personal goals I accomplished this year?

    What are the top three professional goals I accomplished this year?

    What was my favorite moment or what were my favorite moments from this past year?

    What accomplishments or achievements am I most proud of this year?

    What things were difficult for me this year?

    What things did I tolerate and have not yet cleared away?

    Who were the people who made the biggest impact on me this year?

    How am I different than I was a year ago?

    What was the greatest lesson I learned in the past year?

    Looking Forward

    Make a list of what you would like to do, have and be in the coming year.

    What would I like to experience next year?

    What would I like to accomplish professionally?

    How will I take time to be quiet and listen? This might mean listening to myself, my family, my body, my intuition or my ability to listen spiritually.

    What three things would I like to accomplish next year?

    What three things would I like to accomplish in the next three months?

    What thinking do I need to change?

    What environments do I need to put myself in to achieve my goals?

    When I look back on the past year I can tell you that so many of the things I have received and accomplished have come from thinking differently and putting myself in environments that support me. The environments that have supported me have been my colleagues, my clients, my mastermind group, my Happy Healthy Wealthy games, my buddy, my wife, my friends, the gym, my naturopath, my fitness instructors, my dog . . .You get the idea.

    I hope this newsletter, my coaching, my speaking, my writing or the game have been environments that have supported you over the past year and will continue to in 2006!

    Inspirational Quote

    "Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us."
    Hal Borland

    Recommended Reading

    The Art of Possibility:
    Transforming Professional & Personal Life

    by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

    I think this is a timely book to read in this time of year with such incredible possibility.

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    Happy Healthy We*althy

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    The Happy Healthy
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