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November 2005


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  • Some Things to Think About

    This will be the last newsletter prior to holidays. Here are a few things I'm thinking of that I hope will help prepare you for a great holiday season.

    1. Take time.
    This is especially relevant at this time of year. Slow down. Try not to get too caught up in externally imposed expectations. Don't forget to have joy and be present with the people we're priviledged to spend time with. I was talking to someone recently who was stressed because she had to make Christmas cake. I asked her why she “had” to make it. She was aware there were other ways to get Christmas cake (like buy it). But this was a new tradition in her family and she felt that was important but noticed that it was also beginning to feel like an obligation. Don't forget, we get to choose those things we do this time of year. When we add to many traditions we may already have in place we can run the risk of accumulating stress, so be careful.

    2. Take time to know what we're grateful for.
    I challenge you to make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. It can be so easy to feel sorry for ourselves or to see only the problems that we have in life. Those who have experienced greater problems this year could probably put our worries in perspective for us. We have so much to be thankful for. Remember, that which we appreciate, appreciates.

    3. Reflect on the year that has been.
    At the end of December I always try to make note of what's happen in the past year. It always amazes me when I look back and I see some of the things that have happened. What I notice is that all the worthy exercise I have put into things that are important to me begin to accumulate. I challenge you to try this. What joys, what accomplishments, what challenges have there been this year for you? When we get a clear picture of those things then we can plan the year that is to come.

    4. Decide what's possible for next year.
    Start dreaming about what's possible for 2006. What accomplishments or experiences would you like to add to those that have occurred this year? What differences would you like to make? What things would you like to stop tolerating? What would you like to do, have or be in the year ahead? Look out for newsletter at end of December where we'll include tools to help you with this process.

    5. Share a vision of us trying to reach as many people as possible with the message of happiness, health and wealth. Our goal at Happy Healthy Wealthy is to reach 1 million people. This game has been observed as being very impactful. I ask you to consider playing game in the new year and if you manage people who would benefit from the clear focus and understanding the game provides to help them achieve the goads they set for themselves.

    Click hereto join us for a fr*e introductory call to this game on Thursday, December 15, at 5pm Pacific.

    Inspirational Quote

    "Love sought is good, but given unsought is better."
      William Shakespeare

    Recommended Reading

    Think and Grow Rich
    by Napolean Hill

    This month I am re-reading this brilliant classic. If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you give it a try.

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    Happy Healthy We*althy

    Our next introductory call to the Happy Healthy Wealthy game is on December 15 at 5pm Pacific. Click here to register for this complimentary call that will introduce you to a virtual game that will change your life!

    Have you ever gone to a seminar, got all pumped up, left with big plans to change your life only to find yourself slipping right back into old habits?

    You are not alone. According to surveys, only 10% of personal development books ever get read past the second chapter and even less ever get implemented. "Why?" you ask. It is one thing to "Know what to do"... and something entirely different to get yourself to "Do what you know".

    The Happy Healthy
    We*althy Game does just that. Combining the best of both seminars and coaching, the structure is that of an actual game with rules, prizes, players, teammates, coaches, and competition. It takes nine weeks to play the game and we play it virtually, over the telephone on a bridge line. The Happy Healthy We*althy Game is an experience that will help you set your own goals, measure your achievements before and after the 90-day game, and provide you with tools to produce sustainable results. Our next game begins in January.

    Learn more and change your life!
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