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October 2005


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  • Help!

    As soon as I wrote the word 'help' down it made me think of an old Far Side cartoon where you see two rescuers in an airplane looking down at a desert island where the stranded survivor has used rocks to spell out “HELF”. I guess that would be a typo, if that is what it is called when you misspell with rocks. The rescuers interpret this to mean that since the folks on the island aren't asking for 'help' they must not be the ones that need to be rescued. It is my experience that sometimes we don't recognize that someone is asking for help, and sometimes they just don't ask.

    A few years ago I wrote an article called “Congratulations, You've Lost Your Job” (you can read the article here). One of the last things I said in the article was that when I lost my job as a club manager, one of my colleagues, who I had a great deal of respect and admiration for, told me that if I needed his help in any way, all I had to do was call. In the article I mention that I am not proud to report that I never asked him for help because I didn't want him to know I needed it. It was a wonderful lesson for me. When I started my coaching practice I asked a number of people for help and received it from many others, without asking.

    My first coach helped me with this concept. He wrote the word 'help' on a piece of paper and asked me to write words on the left side of the page that reflected how I felt when I asked others for help. I wrote: not good, embarrassed, incompetent, a failure, needy, dependent, small. (Keep in mind that I had just lost a job. My answers probably would have been different a year earlier.) He then asked me to write words on the right side of the page that reflected how I feel when people ask me for help. I wrote: I feel great, empowered, they think I can help, I am competent and I have their confidence, I am anxious to help and I feel like I have been given a gift. He then asked me if I thought it was a bit selfish that I wouldn't give others the gift of asking them for their help. This question combined with a discovery that anyone who has accomplished greatness has done so with the help of others, changed the way I felt about asking for help. I love receiving the gift of being asked to help and I am better now at giving the gift of asking for it.

    I was recently given the wonderful gift of being asked to represent the Club Managers' Association of America on a trip to Louisiana to see how we can support the members of the association who have been challenged by hurricane Katrina. I am sure they have many lessons to teach us that I can tell you about next month.

    I don't know how this message is landing with you. Perhaps it is telling you that it is time to ask for help or perhaps you can see a way to reach out to someone who needs your help. Asking for help doesn't mean something is broken. If you are trying to accomplish something of great consequence you may need some help. This is the kind of help I get from my mastermind group. All I have to do is ask.

    Please help me to know if you find the messages in my newsletter interesting and helpful by accepting the following gift. I would like to send a copy of the e-book I co-wrote with my mastermind group, 'The Magic of Mastermind', to the first five people who request it by sending me an email by clicking here.

    I hope this month's article has been helpful!

    Inspirational Quote

    "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."
      Napoleon Hill

    Recommended Reading

    The Magic of Mastermind
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