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August 2005


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  • Is it time?

    Is it time? Is it time to do something dramatic? Is it time to do something bigger than you ever thought possible? Is it time to accomplish something that you have always dreamed of doing? Is it time to stop doing what you have always done? Is it time to stop playing small?

    For many people the summer months provide some time to slow down, take time to think and reflect, often in beautiful relaxing environments. I hope you were able to do so this year. If you read my newsletter from last month you will know that I have been relaxing. In fact, that's what I'm doing today! So if you ask yourself some of the questions that I posed to you above and you decide that it is time, what is next?

    What many of my clients report when they have a new idea they want to implement, is a few days of focus and excitement followed by a gradual retreat back into old schedules, old habits and old thinking. We lose energy and subsequently our new idea loses energy.

    Here are some ideas that will help you to create the energy you need or replace the amount that is leaking out:

    1. Try to replicate the environment you were in when you made the decision.
    2. Exercise - getting into shape and feeling good gives you energy.
    3. Complete something, fix something, or eliminate something that has been irritating you for a long time.
    *Resources for this:
    a)“The Clean Sweep Program” available on my web site Email me for the password
    b) My article on Tolerations called "Personal Foundation: Stop Tolerating"(click to go to the articles page of my web site to download it).
    4. Do something that absolutely terrifies you and conquer a fear that takes energy.
    5. Take time to focus on gratitude! List ten things that you are grateful for.
    6. Tap into your creative side. Write, sing, dance, paint, photograph, cook, create!
    7. Quiet time. Meditate, pray, time being quiet, spend time in nature.
    8. Do something that you absolutely love, dream of, or are passionate about.
    9. Surround yourself with people who support you and inspire you.
    *Resource: The Magic of Mastermind Ebook. One of the most influential and valuable environments I have put into my life in the past five years is my mastermind group. We have had so many people ask us how they could create the same magic so we collaborated on this book. If you are in a mastermind group or would like to create one, this book will help you get greater results quicker.
    10. Play the Happy Healthy Wealthy game. Fun, focus, discipline, energy!

    It is time!

    Inspirational Quote

    "Our imagination always outpaces our technology. The gap between the two is the distance the creative spark must jump in order to ignite our forward momentum."
     Dr. Jason Ohler

    Recommended Reading

    Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want
    By Barbara Sher and Annie Gottlieb

    One of the most popular books among those who want their lives to count for something.

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    Happy Healthy We*althy

    Our next introductory call to the Happy Healthy Wealthy game is on September 7. Click here to register for this complimentary call that will introduce you to a virtual game that will change your life!

    Have you ever gone to a seminar, got all pumped up, left with big plans to change your life only to find yourself slipping right back into old habits?

    You are not alone. According to surveys, only 10% of personal development books ever get read past the second chapter and even less ever get implemented. "Why?" you ask. It is one thing to "Know what to do"... and something entirely different to get yourself to "Do what you know".

    The Happy Healthy
    We*althy Game does just that. Combining the best of both seminars and coaching, the structure is that of an actual game with rules, prizes, players, teammates, coaches, and competition. It takes nine weeks to play the game and we play it virtually, over the telephone on a bridge line. The Happy Healthy We*althy Game is an experience that will help you set your own goals, measure your achievements before and after the 90-day game, and provide you with tools to produce sustainable results.

    Learn more and change your life!
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