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July 2005


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  • Where in the World is Kevin MacDonald?
    Santa Barbara

    1. Where I have been!
    2. Where I have virtually been!
    3. What I have done!
    4. What I have learned!
    5. What others have done and learned!

    As I am writing to you this month I am reflecting on all of the things that I have experienced since my last newsletter. To begin with I have been traveling like so many of you may have been doing during the summer months. I spent five days in the Santa Barbara area with my Mastermind group. (The photo above showcases Santa Barbara's beautiful coast line.) I spent three days in Seattle with a group of Club Managers. I spent time with a brother and his wife in Whistler and I am writing this from a ferry as I return from Vancouver Island where some of my family members arranged a stay in Tofino on the rugged West Coast of the Island to celebrate my birthday.

    In addition to the places I have visited I have also virtually been visiting Calcutta through the e-mails that I have been receiving from Emily Payne, the 17 year old young woman that has been volunteering with Free the Children in India. If you have been reading my newsletters you will know that I had the opportunity to do a speaking engagement to raise money for Emily's trip. Thanks again to those of you that contributed to her journey. The following is an excerpt from one of her e-mails.

    On Thursday, I was walking back from the internet cafe a block away from our guest house, and there was this group of a dozen street kids standing at the end of the street. They were looking at me so I smiled and waved. Then the most amazing thing happened. They all just started running towards me, sprinting. They (came) up to me and latched onto me and just started climbing all over me. Then we all got in this circle - in the middle of the sidewalk/street, and starting playing this clapping game. For those of you who know "stella stella ola", it was like that except they would name of the months of the year. "January, February, March ..." And then at December one kid would get out. So we were playing this, and then four or five more of the India participants (from Emily's group) came walking up and a little street kid asked for a bandaid because he had a cut on his leg. So, (my colleague) reached into his bag and pulled out a bandaid and then all the kids starting running up and holding up their cuts and wounds because they too needed a bandaid. There must've been about 25 kids running everywhere. So we got out medical gloves, and bought some water to wash off the wounds, and more bandaids and polysporin.

    And then more kids came, from down the streets and alleyways nearby - mothers, adults, five-year-olds carrying babies on their hips, wanting medical help. Swollen fingers and feet and infected cuts and gaping wounds. "Are you doctors?" people were asking? "No, No" we were saying. But there was this huge lineup of people needing help. So three of us put gloves on and we treating all these wounds, and we were holding their hands, and they were all so happy. Everyone who was passing by stopped and stared at us. There was this crowd of about 25 or 30 people just watching us. Really funny actually. But a really touching experience.

    Over the past few months I have been leading two Happy Healthy Wealthy games and I am finding that the lessons of the game have been coming to life in the experiences I have had.

    Here are two lessons that we talk about in the game that have made a huge difference for me.

    In the game we talk about the effect that our conditioning and programming have on the results we experience. In other words our beliefs have a huge effect on whether or not we achieve our goals. I went to my Mastermind Retreat with the expectation that I would have a positive life changing experience as a result of attending it. The lesson I received was that in order to have the kind of success that I have had in the happy and healthy areas of my first few games I need to employ the same kind of strategy in the wealthy part of my game. The realization was that although I had been working on a achieving a certain level of health it wasn't possible until I changed my beliefs. When I finally believed that it was possible, then it happened. My mastermind group has really helped me to identify some of the beliefs that may no longer be supporting me and has challenged me to change my thinking.

    The second lesson that keeps coming up is the power that the environments that I put myself into have on my success. In the game we talk about seven environments that we can delegate the success of our goals to. One obvious one is the power of changing a physical environment. I have been in physically beautiful places on earth this month. I have been away from my office and my regular routine and thinking which has allowed me to think differently.

    A second environment is a relationship environment. Although I am constantly connected to amazing people, this past month has been extraordinary in this regard.

    A third environment is a memetic environment. This is a place where I am introduced to new ideas and new ways of thinking. This month has put me in contact with so many incredible thoughts from many dynamic people.

    My challenge for you this month is to think about the beliefs that you have been carrying around and the environments you have been employing for your success.

    Inspirational Quote

    This quote was in the footer of the email I received from Emily.

    "Do not disregard the accumulation of goodness saying, 'This will come to nothing'. By the gradual falling of raindrops, a jar is filled"

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