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June 2005


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  • Are You Listening?

    The more I work with amazing people who are building meaningful, fulfilling lives the more I realize that one of the things that contributes to their success is the way they observe, or listen, to the things that are happening in their lives. There are lessons and messages being given to us every day, but we all know how easy it is to ignore things that do not support the actions we want to take or the direction we want to travel.

    The past week presented a number of experiences that asked me to pay attention and here are three.

    1) My family and I were invited by a high school graduate to travel to where she lives and celebrate her big day.
    2) A dear friend informed me that the reason she hadn't been in touch for the past few months was that she had been battling cancer.
    3) Sunday was Father's Day!

    I found the first experience interesting because I remember my own graduation from high school and enjoyed so much the three graduation ceremonies that my children have given me the honor of participating in during the past few years and I know how jammed full of commitments that time can be. The interesting thing to me was that this bright young woman full of promise and possibilities decided that she wanted to bring together as many of the people who were important in her life as she could to share a day. Are you listening Kevin? Yes I am!

    Are we listening to our bodies? They are amazing how they work and sometimes in their not working properly they send us messages. My friend, who is going to beat this disease, is learning many lessons and as a friend of someone going through this so can I, if I pay attention. My first initiative is to take care of my relationships. I hope I can build a life with many friends that know that they can count on me in a time of need. I hope I can build many friendships where I know I can count on them. I hope I can listen to my body when it is tired, hurting, not operating properly, under exercised, out of shape, under nourished. Our bodies give us messages if we will listen.

    On Father's Day I always think about my father. He would be 89 this week, if he was alive. He was a great dad and a great human being. I strive to be like him and of course now I have the privilege of being a dad myself. In one of the current Happy Healthy Wealthy Games that I am leading my Happy goal is to be an excellent husband and father. One of my actions that supports this goal is to spend time with my children individually. Since I set that as an action I am amazed with how many opportunities I have had to spend time with them individually. It is amazing what you hear when you listen.

    Of course one of the clear messages is that the balance between our work lives, our social lives, our family lives and our personal lives is so important and influential in our lives.

    What messages are you receiving?

    Are you listening to your body?
    Are you listening to your partner?
    Are you listening to your kids?
    Are you listening to your friends?
    Are you listening to your employer?

    Hopefully you will be experiencing some quiet time this summer where you can listen!

    Inspirational Quote

    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
    Winston Churchill

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