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July 2007


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The Question Never Asked!

On a recent tele-class Shelley and I had the chance to interview John Furlong, the C.E.O. for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was wonderful to have a chance to ask questions of a leader for most of an hour long call. At the fifty minute mark we opened up the call to let the participants in the class have a chance to ask questions of a leader who has been working on a massive world stage project for the past six years.

We were shocked that only one person asked a question. We had great leaders on the call and the one question was asked by an intern that was participating on the call. After our guest left the call we had a few minutes to debrief what we had just experienced. One of the participants mentioned a great question that he would have liked to ask our guest. It was a question that was never asked

I am sure we have all experienced it. We have so many opportunities to ask and yet often we don't. The person we didn't ask to dance. The question we wish we asked our parents when they were alive. The question that might have helped us truly understand what we were trying to learn. Asking for something we wanted to have and perhaps could have had, but we didn't ask. Think about the supplementary questions that would have given us more understanding beyond the one question we asked.

Why don't we ask? Great question!

It could be because we have forgotten that we can. Children are brilliant at asking questions. They want to learn and they understand that when they ask a question they typically get an answer. What happens when we grow up? We learn that if we ask questions it could mean we don't know everything. If we don't know everything we can be vulnerable. If we are vulnerable we can appear weak. Well then we better not ask any questions.

Instead of asking questions people make assumptions about things. This truly gets in the way of great communication.

Why don't we ask questions? Maybe we are afraid of the answer or afraid of what people will think about our question. Perhaps when we leave school and begin our careers we somehow loose the ability to be a curious learner. Maybe we have assumed we already know the answer.

Here is the opportunity that is in front of you. Get used to asking questions. It does a lot to create complete communications and helps you to get rid of a lot of assumptions.
Shelley and I have an exercise we use sometimes with clients where we give them the challenge of only asking questions for a certain time period. Whether it is 10 minutes, half an hour or an hour, it teaches people the powerful lesson that when we ask questions we can learn a lot. In a world where we have a lot of relationships that are not all that connected the simple act of asking questions and truly getting to know each other can take a relationship much deeper.

What question will you ask?

If you could have a conversation with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

What would you ask that person?

What question will you ask today?

Inspirational Quote

A prudent person profits from personal experience, a wise one from the experience of others.
Dr. Joseph Campbell

Recommended Reading

Ask And You Will SUCCEED 1001 Ordinary Questions to Create Extraordinary Results
Ken D. Foster

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