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Clarity Success Coaching Newsletter

August 2006


Dear Kevin,

Welcome to this month's edition of the Clarity Success Coaching Newsletter.

In this issue

·  Winning the Game! Seven Keys to Winning Yours!

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·  Upcoming Happy Healthy Wealthy Game!

·  Recommended Reading

·  About Clarity Success Coaching

Winning the Game! Seven Keys to Winning Yours!

I love what I do! I truly hope you feel the same way. My job is to help people win. I have many ways that I can do that. I coach, I speak, I do retreats, I write articles and have collaborated on a third book. As you will certainly know as a subscriber to this newsletter, I also help people change their lives through a game called The Happy Healthy Wealthy Game. I co-facilitate these games with Shelley McDougall and recently we had a chance to talk about the things that are common to the most successful players in our games. Here are seven keys that can help you win the game you are playing.

1. Know Your Game!

This may sound silly but we have noticed that some people do not recognize the game they are playing. What is it you are trying to do and why are you trying to do it? Some people may feel like they are not winning the game but in fact, they are winning the game they dont realize they are playing. We have seen people who want to lose weight but are playing the I have always been heavy, I have tried everything and nothing works, game. Some are playing the survival game. I just want to make enough to pay the bills. I dont want to lose my job. Some are playing big powerful games in happiness, health and wealth. Some are playing to be their best. Some are playing to be the best. What game are you playing?

2. Design A Winnable Game!

We have observed people who dont design a winnable game for themselves. They set themselves up for failure. They dont have to do this very many times before they become disillusioned and complacent. Their future games become smaller or they just refuse to play. Their game needs to be in alignment with their values. They need to understand their inner architecture.

3. Become An Impact Player!

We think this starts with a decision to be one. Are you playing to win? Are you prepared to do what it takes? Do you have the integrity to do what you said you would do? Mediocre players focus on their weaknesses and the obstacles. Impact players focus on their strengths. For them the obstacles are interesting challenges and learning experiences. They decide to play, play big and win!

4. Play To Win And Keep Score!

In the games we lead, we keep score. The players get daily feedback. In fact they can get hourly feedback. The point is that keeping track and observing progress leads to improvement. It is easy in our busy lives to start a game and forget about it. This is why it is so important to keep focusing on results. Imagine yourself playing a team sport on a professional level. After the game both teams go into the dressing room. They both know the score. One team is celebrating and the other might not be but they are both reflecting on what worked, what didnt work and the lessons learned. Often we find that poor or mediocre players dont want to keep score.

5. Winning the Inner Game!

We find that most people do not understand how much their thoughts, feelings and emotions impact the results of their game. We help them to understand their programming, improve their self talk and change habits. If you take the same inner game to every game you play and it is not working for you then it will work against you. You have a chance to understand your inner game and install a new program.

6. Bringing Your Game to Life with the Right Environments!

We have learned that most people rely on discipline and will power when they are trying to change habits or behaviors that impact their game. We have found that discipline and will power only work during the time when a person is focused on having them. As opposed to using discipline and will power we teach the players of our game about 9 environments that help to move people quickly towards their goals. You are in your environments 24/7. Are they supporting you or working against you?

7. Build The Winning Team!

My coach said to me, If you want to create world class results, you have to have world class support. That support can come from people who work for you, consultants, coaches, your mastermind, the books you read, the tapes you listen to, your friends and your family. Find the people who are already winning the game you want to play. Whatever game you are playing, even if it is an individual sport you can create a team that will allow you to play at the higher level.

I hope these 7 keys give you some ideas about creating more success in what ever your game is. I really encourage you to commit yourself to playing the Happy Healthy Wealthy Game for 3 months. You will be amazed with what you learn about yourself and these 7 keys!

Inspirational Quote

"You only fail if you don't finish the game.If you finish, you win. You have to measure what you started out with by what you overcome."

Mike Webster
NFL Hall of Fame Center for Pittsburgh Steelers

Upcoming Happy Healthy Wealthy Game!

Would you like to join us? We have two games starting September 19th.

We will be hosting inrtoduction calls if you would like more information on the program.

They will be held:

Sept 12th at 1pm and 5pm

Sept 13th at 5pm

Sept 14th at 1pm

To register for an info call please contact Kevin's assistant Jenny at or click on the Happy Healthy Wealthy link at the top of this newsletter.

Recommended Reading

"A Whole New Mind"
Daniel H. Pink

About Clarity Success Coaching

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